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Cardiac Rehabilitation at Brandon Regional Hospital

Last updated 4 years ago

A heart attack is often a warning for those that suffer from heart disease. Especially if the presence of heart disease was unknown or overlooked, a heart attack can put into sharp relief the importance of managing one’s heart health. Brandon Regional Hospital offers comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation services that can help patients get back onto the path of wellness after this important health alert.

Establishing Wholesome Eating Habits

Heart disease frequently develops from poor diet decisions that lead to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. Meals rich in sodium and fat are often to blame for these problems, so making diet adjustments is integral to improving heart health. Brandon Regional Hospital can help patients make better eating choices by informing them of the foods that typically contain ingredients harmful to cardiac wellness. 

Improving Cardiac Health

The heart is a muscle that requires consistent exercise. Though a heart attack may initially leave this organ in a weakened state, cardiac rehabilitation can quickly bolster heart health. Our services can teach patients how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives that will enhance cardiac function. Not only can exercise reinforce heart strength, but also it can minimize heart disease risk factors such as obesity.

Educating Patients on Heart Wellness

Though diet and exercise make up two of the most significant aspects of strong cardiac health, they are far from the only lifestyle factors that can impact heart wellness. Tobacco usage can play an integral role in the development of heart disease, as smoking can deteriorate artery function, making it more likely for a rupture or blockage to occur. Excessive alcohol consumption can also compromise cardiac wellness. Cardiac rehabilitation can give patients the support tools they need to stop activities that may be increasing their risk of having another heart attack in the future.

Don’t let heart disease impede your quality of life. If you have yet to find out your current blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, now is the time to make an appointment at Brandon Regional Hospital. Call our Hillsborough County facility today at (888) 327-2636 to set up a visit with one of our cardiac wellness experts.


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