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Is Hip Replacement Right for You?

Last updated 3 years ago

If your hip is causing chronic pain and limiting your mobility, hip replacement surgery could be right for you. During this procedure, the damaged part of the hip—the femoral head—is removed and replaced with a metal implant. Next, the orthopedic surgeon removes damaged cartilage around the hip socket and replaces it with a metal socket. Although this orthopedic surgery can be life-changing, it’s not right for everyone. Here are some signs that this procedure could help you.

Other Treatments Haven’t Worked

Surgery is seldom the first treatment your orthopedist will recommend. Instead, your doctor will usually see if your symptoms can be resolved with non-invasive treatments, like physical therapy, pain medications, and weight loss. If these techniques don’t help or if they initially provide relief but eventually stop working, your doctor may recommend orthopedic surgery.

Hip Pain Is Interfering With Your Life

Is your hip limiting your mobility? Are you unable to do your everyday activities without pain? If so, hip replacement surgery could be the solution. Your orthopedic doctor may also suggest hip replacement surgery if you’re in pain even at rest or if your hip becomes so stiff that it’s difficult to move your leg.

You’re in Good General Health

Hip replacement surgery is considered to be extremely safe and is well tolerated by most patients. There are no age or weight restrictions for the procedure. However, there are risks associated with all surgeries, particularly those involving anesthesia, so your doctor will make sure you don’t have any conditions that could make surgery dangerous for you. Each potential orthopedic surgery patient is evaluated individually.

To find out if hip replacement surgery may be right for you, schedule a consultation with one of the orthopedic doctors at Brandon Regional Hospital. We also offer orthopedic seminars in Hillsborough County, which can help you learn more about the procedure. To get our seminar schedule or to find out more about our hospital, call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (888) 327-2636.


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