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Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Men

Last updated 3 years ago

Breast cancer is often thought of as a women’s condition, and while it’s true that it does strike women most often, men are also at risk. Understanding your risk factors for breast cancer can help you take steps to prevent it and make smart decisions about screenings. Talk to your doctor about your risk factors and how the diagnostic imaging services at Brandon Regional Hospital can be part of your healthcare plan. Here is an overview of some of the most common risk factors of breast cancer for men.

Family History

Like women, men have a greater chance of developing breast cancer if they have relatives with the condition. Of all of the men with breast cancer, one in five have a blood relative—male or female—with the disease. Men may also carry the hereditary gene mutation BRCA2 that is associated with an increased breast cancer risk.

Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter syndrome is a congenital condition in which men have multiple X chromosomes. Klinefelter syndrome causes smaller than normal testicles and infertility, plus low levels of androgens and high levels of estrogen. This hormonal imbalance often leads to gynecomastia. Although doctors are unsure of just how much higher the risk of breast cancer is in men with Klinefelter syndrome, they do believe an increased risk does exist.

Estrogen Therapy

In the past, men often received estrogen therapy as part of prostate cancer treatment, and this therapy may have increased the risk of breast cancer in these men. Men who take estrogen as part of sex reassignment also have a higher chance of getting breast cancer.

If your breast cancer risk is elevated, diagnostic imaging services at Brandon Regional Hospital can help your doctor monitor abnormal tissue growth. Our hospital provides comprehensive medical services to our Hillsborough County community, including emergency room care, a NICU, stroke care, and orthopedic surgery. For a physician referral or more information, call (888) 327-2636.


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