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Preparing for Joint Replacement Surgery

Last updated 3 years ago

Many people suffering from arthritis or joint degeneration will turn to joint replacement surgery as an option to restore their quality of life and finally relieve the pain of joint damage. Joint replacement surgery is not considered a first line of treatment for joint conditions, but it can be a life-changing procedure for patients who have not had success with less invasive therapies. Surgical success with joint replacement is highly dependent on the patient, because there are many steps that can help surgery and recovery go smoothly. This article will explore the most important ways you should prepare for your surgery so that you can ensure years of free mobility without pain or stiffness.

Enlist help at home

After your surgery, you might have some trouble with regular chores, so a friend or family member can be a great help for your recovery. You might have this person come with you to pre-surgical consultations so that he or she is understanding of your needs following surgery.

Manage your weight

If you are overweight, your doctor might recommend a diet and exercise plan prior to surgery so that you can shed a few excess pounds before surgery. Every pound of excess body weight can put four pounds of stress on the knees, so even small weight loss can be a big boost for your recovery.

Speak with a physical therapist

Once your surgery is complete, you will be working closely with a physical therapist to help you get active without putting too much stress on the new joint. Meeting with the physical therapist before surgery can give you a clearer picture of the road ahead and give you a chance to ask any questions you have about recovery.

Quit smoking

Cigarette smoking can increase the risk of surgical complications such as blood clots, bleeding, and infection. If you do smoke, you should quit before your surgery and make a commitment to stay away from tobacco as you recover.

Are you suffering from the persistent pain of osteoarthritis? The physicians at the Orthopaedic Center of Brandon Regional Hospital will direct you to the best treatment options, which may include joint replacement surgery. You can find a physician for your orthopaedic care on our website or by calling (888) 327-2636. 


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