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Common Spinal Conditions

Last updated 3 years ago

Each year, millions of Americans suffer from back pain, a problem that can stem from many conditions. Brandon Regional Hospital understands the considerable frustration and disruption of life enjoyment these conditions can cause, which is why we staff experienced neurosurgeons to help our Hillsborough County patients suffering from back pain. In many cases, back pain is the result of the following spinal conditions:


The spinal column is made up of dozens of vertebrae that together protect the spinal cord housed inside them. In a healthy back, the vertebrae provide ample room for the spinal cord, which is made of millions of nerve cells. Should illness or injury cause the vertebrae to close in upon the spinal cord, though, it can result in tremendous pain and loss of function for sufferers. Stenosis is a condition that occurs when the spinal column collapses around the spinal cord and its nerves.

Disc Herniation

Also in the spinal column are the intervertebral discs that reside between the vertebrae. These flexible structures are imperative to healthy back function, as they absorb forces placed upon the vertebrae and prevent abrasion between these bones. Though the intervertebral discs can withstand great amounts of pressure, they can still succumb to injury, which often presents as the penetration of the inner core through the disc exterior. When this type of disc herniation occurs, it can lead to excessive pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles. This pressure can then produce back pain.


From the spinal cord extend many nerves that transport signals to and from the brain. In particular, the sciatic nerve helps to carries messages from the lower body back to the central nervous system. If a disc herniation or other spinal condition produces pressure on the sciatic nerve, though, it can disrupt many bodily functions and cause considerable pain. Many people with sciatica report discomfort not only in the lower back, but also the buttocks and lower legs. Severe cases may also produce incontinence and extremity numbness in some people.

Don’t let back pain disrupt your quality of life. Brandon Regional Hospital can isolate your condition and provide appropriate treatment for it. To get a referral to one of our Hillsborough County neurosurgeons, call (888) 327-2636 today.


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