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Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Last updated 3 years ago

A nutritious diet is essential for men and women of all ages. For expecting mothers, though, healthy eating is especially important. What pregnant women choose to eat and drink directly affects the well-being of their unborn babies. Their eating choices can also impact how they feel during pregnancy when their bodies are under greater physical strain. If you are an expecting mother, Brandon Regional Hospital encourages you to make informed and healthy diet decisions.

Keep Up Your Energy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body must increasingly accommodate the needs of her growing baby. The myriad of bodily changes can quickly result in fatigue. Some women experience bouts of sickness as well that can compromise their ability to utilize the calories they consume. As the baby grows, he can also press upon the stomach and limit his mother’s ability to eat a full meal. As a result, expecting mothers may need to eat frequent and smaller meals to keep up their energy reserves and maintain their nutritional needs.

Avoid Known Food Dangers

Obstetricians generally recommend a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, so that expecting mothers can get ample vitamins and minerals during their pregnancies. However, some products should be avoided until after childbirth. Alcohol is one such beverage that can cause significant harm to babies if they are exposed to it while in the womb. Deli meat, raw fish, and some cheeses can also be dangerous, as they may contain germs harmful to unborn babies.

Make Your Calories Count

The nutritional needs of an unborn child necessitate an increase in calorie consumption during pregnancy. Yet some expecting mothers may be surprised to learn that they need less than 500 additional calories a day to maintain both their and their babies’ health requirements. That is why it is important to choose nutrient-dense foods that offer the greatest health benefits. High-calorie options such as fast food, packaged sweets, and many processed items can exceed calorie requirements and offer poor health benefits.

Brandon Regional Hospital in Hillsborough County can help you enjoy a smooth and healthy pregnancy. To learn more about our obstetric and birthing services, call (888) 327-2636. You can also visit our website for comprehensive information on our complete women’s health options.


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