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Why Are Mammograms Important?

Last updated 3 years ago

Breast care is important for all adult women. While monthly self-examinations and yearly clinical examinations can prove useful in finding breast abnormalities, healthcare providers generally agree that all women age 40 and older should add regular mammogram screenings to their usual preventive health regimens. Brandon Regional Hospital offers safe and confidential mammogram services for our Hillsborough County patients.

Better Diagnostic Benefits

A significant reason why mammograms are a recommended part of breast healthcare is because of their extensive diagnostic capabilities. Both self-examinations and clinical examinations come with limitations. Only visible warning signs and substantial growths can be seen or felt with these methods. In either case, evident symptoms may indicate the presence of breast cancer that has been growing for an extended period of time. In contrast, mammograms can provide highly detailed images of breast tissue and potentially reveal smaller tumors undetectable by sight or touch.

Earlier Detection

Cancer care experts stress the importance of early detection. Many types of cancer can grow beyond their initial development site, and once cancer cells spread, they become more difficult to effectively eradicate from the body. Mammograms can show the presence of small abnormalities that have yet to grow beyond the breast and help cancer care experts begin treatment prior to metastasis.

More Effective Cancer Care

Even when breast cancer has developed beyond the breasts, cancer care experts can provide successful treatment options. If the malignancy has yet to spread to other organs and structures, though, oncology specialists may be able to address it with less aggressive measures. In many cases, early detection and diagnosis can result in more effective treatment that minimizes the need for techniques such as mastectomy that may be necessary for more advanced forms of the disease. For breast cancer patients, more effective cancer care can mean quicker recovery and return to normal life.

Are you due for your next mammogram? Then call (888) 327-2636 to discuss your healthcare needs with a Brandon Regional Hospital Consult-A-Nurse representative. We can go over your preventive care options and refer you to one of our Hillsborough County breast health experts.


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