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    Taking Care of Kids at Brandon Regional Hospital

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Pediatrics requires a skilled staff equipped with the expertise necessary to address the unique medical needs of children. This video shows how Brandon Regional Hospital provides the highest level of pediatric care.

    Brandon Regional Hospital houses a Pediatric Center for the specific needs of our youngest patients. However, our capabilities extend beyond traditional pediatrics. We also have on staff emergency care personnel dedicated to caring for children. Our Pediatric Emergency Department is separate from our conventional emergency care wing, making it easier for our young patients to receive the age-appropriate and case-specific care they deserve.

    Should an illness or injury befall your child, Brandon Regional Hospital in Hillsborough County is here for you and your family’s needs. To learn more about our extensive pediatric services, call (888) 327-2636.

    Lowering Your Risk for Stroke

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Stroke is a dangerous condition because it can cause life-threatening consequences in just minutes. In many cases, it also occurs without preceding warning signs, making it essential that you understand your stroke risk and take measures to lower it before this type of health event happens. For more information on how to prevent stroke, contact the Stroke Center at Brandon Regional Hospital.

    Assess Your Numbers

    To get a basic assessment of your stroke risk, talk to your doctor. By evaluating your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, he can determine if a future stroke should be a concern. Knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol readings is especially important, as both hypertension and high cholesterol produce no evident warning signs. However, these medical conditions often lead to stroke. With professional treatment and lifestyle adjustments, you can lower your numbers and lessen your stroke risk.

    Make Necessary Diet Changes

    A healthy diet is key to having low blood pressure and normal cholesterol readings. Many Americans eat meals high in sodium, fat, and cholesterol, which is why stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in this country. Restaurants and fast food chains, as well as prepackaged grocery products, frequently contain excessive amounts of unhealthy ingredients. To reduce your stroke risk, limit your intake of these food sources. Instead, prepare your meals with fresh ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Low-fat dairy, lean protein, and whole grain products can help to round out your dietary choices.

    Cultivate an Active Lifestyle

    A healthy diet is one component of stroke prevention. To better ensure that you never contend with this serious health issue, make a commitment to regular exercise. Working out comes with many stroke prevention benefits. It can lower the amount of cholesterol in your blood. It can bring down your blood pressure. Physical activity can also increase the robustness of your cardiovascular system. With a consistent workout regimen in place, you can protect yourself from stroke and its significant brain health complications.

    Brandon Regional Hospital can help you practice better lifestyle behaviors for a healthier future. To find out if you are at risk for stroke, call (888) 327-2636. Our Consult-A-Nurse associates in Hillsborough County can put you in touch with our cardiovascular health specialists.

    Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

    Last updated 3 years ago

    A nutritious diet is essential for men and women of all ages. For expecting mothers, though, healthy eating is especially important. What pregnant women choose to eat and drink directly affects the well-being of their unborn babies. Their eating choices can also impact how they feel during pregnancy when their bodies are under greater physical strain. If you are an expecting mother, Brandon Regional Hospital encourages you to make informed and healthy diet decisions.

    Keep Up Your Energy

    During pregnancy, a woman’s body must increasingly accommodate the needs of her growing baby. The myriad of bodily changes can quickly result in fatigue. Some women experience bouts of sickness as well that can compromise their ability to utilize the calories they consume. As the baby grows, he can also press upon the stomach and limit his mother’s ability to eat a full meal. As a result, expecting mothers may need to eat frequent and smaller meals to keep up their energy reserves and maintain their nutritional needs.

    Avoid Known Food Dangers

    Obstetricians generally recommend a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, so that expecting mothers can get ample vitamins and minerals during their pregnancies. However, some products should be avoided until after childbirth. Alcohol is one such beverage that can cause significant harm to babies if they are exposed to it while in the womb. Deli meat, raw fish, and some cheeses can also be dangerous, as they may contain germs harmful to unborn babies.

    Make Your Calories Count

    The nutritional needs of an unborn child necessitate an increase in calorie consumption during pregnancy. Yet some expecting mothers may be surprised to learn that they need less than 500 additional calories a day to maintain both their and their babies’ health requirements. That is why it is important to choose nutrient-dense foods that offer the greatest health benefits. High-calorie options such as fast food, packaged sweets, and many processed items can exceed calorie requirements and offer poor health benefits.

    Brandon Regional Hospital in Hillsborough County can help you enjoy a smooth and healthy pregnancy. To learn more about our obstetric and birthing services, call (888) 327-2636. You can also visit our website for comprehensive information on our complete women’s health options.

    Common Spinal Conditions

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Each year, millions of Americans suffer from back pain, a problem that can stem from many conditions. Brandon Regional Hospital understands the considerable frustration and disruption of life enjoyment these conditions can cause, which is why we staff experienced neurosurgeons to help our Hillsborough County patients suffering from back pain. In many cases, back pain is the result of the following spinal conditions:


    The spinal column is made up of dozens of vertebrae that together protect the spinal cord housed inside them. In a healthy back, the vertebrae provide ample room for the spinal cord, which is made of millions of nerve cells. Should illness or injury cause the vertebrae to close in upon the spinal cord, though, it can result in tremendous pain and loss of function for sufferers. Stenosis is a condition that occurs when the spinal column collapses around the spinal cord and its nerves.

    Disc Herniation

    Also in the spinal column are the intervertebral discs that reside between the vertebrae. These flexible structures are imperative to healthy back function, as they absorb forces placed upon the vertebrae and prevent abrasion between these bones. Though the intervertebral discs can withstand great amounts of pressure, they can still succumb to injury, which often presents as the penetration of the inner core through the disc exterior. When this type of disc herniation occurs, it can lead to excessive pressure on the surrounding nerves and muscles. This pressure can then produce back pain.


    From the spinal cord extend many nerves that transport signals to and from the brain. In particular, the sciatic nerve helps to carries messages from the lower body back to the central nervous system. If a disc herniation or other spinal condition produces pressure on the sciatic nerve, though, it can disrupt many bodily functions and cause considerable pain. Many people with sciatica report discomfort not only in the lower back, but also the buttocks and lower legs. Severe cases may also produce incontinence and extremity numbness in some people.

    Don’t let back pain disrupt your quality of life. Brandon Regional Hospital can isolate your condition and provide appropriate treatment for it. To get a referral to one of our Hillsborough County neurosurgeons, call (888) 327-2636 today.

    A Look at Brandon Regional Hospital's Stroke Center

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Fighting stroke effectively begins with the right type of emergency care that can restore blood flow to the brain tissue right away and minimize long-term damage. When emergency care is delivered within the first few hours after symptoms are observed, the chances of death and disability are significantly reduced. At the Stroke Center of Brandon Regional Hospital, we understand the pressing need of care for patients presenting stroke symptoms, so we strive to maintain guidelines that exceed the certification guidelines of the Joint Commission, which we have met to become a Primary Stroke Center in Hillsborough County.

    Patients with stroke symptoms will receive priority care with consistent and extensive screening and treatment guidelines. Typically, patients will have an MRI or CT scan within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital, and a 24/7 lab is available to analyze test results quickly for the most rapid treatment available. Following primary care, we provide support and education for stroke patients and their families to minimize the impact of this traumatic event.

    If you suspect you or a loved one is having a stroke, call 911 right away. With Brandon Regional Hospital in your neighborhood, you will have the comfort of knowing the best possible care is not far from home. You can explore more details of our stroke care on our website or at (888) 327-2636. 


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