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    Having a Baby at BRH

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Are you expecting an addition to your family? Consider Brandon Regional Hospital for your labor and delivery needs.

    This video explains the labor and delivery process at Brandon Regional Hospital. First, an expecting mother must undergo an initial examination to determine if she is in labor. If the triage unit decides to admit a patient, she is then moved to a private room. This room will be the location where she gives birth and initially recovers from the delivery experience. Brandon Regional Hospital encourages the bonding process between mother and child, which is why we provide private suites for all of our patients.

    Would you like to learn more about the baby suites at Brandon Regional Hospital? Call our Hillsborough County facility at (888) 327-2636 to speak with one of our Consult-A-Nurses.

    What Is Spinal Stenosis?

    Last updated 3 years ago

    The spinal cord is an important yet delicate structure that extends down the length of the back. Around it are dozens of vertebrae, bones that provide both stability and protection. In a healthy back, the canal that the vertebrae create provides enough room for the spinal cord and its nerve roots. Under some circumstances, though, this canal can narrow and place pressure on sections of the spinal cord. This condition, known as spinal stenosis, can cause severe pain and other disabling side effects. Depending on the location of the stenosis, some sufferers may even lose sensation in their lower extremities or control of their elimination functions. While older age is often a determinant of spinal stenosis, other conditions such as disc herniation and bone spurs can also lead to this problem.

    Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Get to the root of your discomfort. Call Brandon Regional Hospital at (888) 327-2636 to speak with a Consult-A-Nurse about your symptoms and receive a referral to one of our Hillsborough County orthopedic specialists.

    Change Your Life with Weight Loss Surgery

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Excessive weight can compromise your health and life enjoyment. This video demonstrates how one woman changed her future with weight loss surgery at Brandon Regional Hospital.

    Obesity can lead to many health complications, including an increased risk of diabetes, sleep apnea, and heart attack. Bridget knew that she wanted to live a healthier life, which is why she turned to Brandon Regional Hospital. Brandon Regional Hospital offers bariatric weight loss services for individuals who cannot lose weight through diet and exercise alone. Now Bridget and her family can enjoy a healthier and brighter future because of her weight loss surgery.

    Don’t let excessive weight stop you from having the good health you deserve. For information on our Bariatric Center, call Brandon Regional Hospital in Hillsborough County at (888) 327-2636.


    The Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Breast cancer is a disease to which no woman is immune. It can develop in adults both young and old, and it can occur in women of all cultural backgrounds. However, breast care experts have found that certain circumstances can increase the likelihood of breast cancer. Brandon Regional Hospital encourages those in the greater Hillsborough County region to familiarize themselves with these risk factors:

    Tissue Density

    Breast care experts recommend that all adult women conduct monthly breast self-examinations. This regular practice can help women better understand the makeup of their breasts, which can naturally be dense. Highly dense breast tissue is normally described as tissue of a fibrous or glandular nature, and this characteristic of breast tissue can place a woman at higher risk for breast cancer. Breast self-examinations, as well as clinical examinations and mammograms, can help women with dense tissue more easily detect abnormal lumps and other signs of breast cancer.

    Affected Relatives

    Though a wide variety of factors can contribute to breast cancer, breast care specialists have found that genetics likely play a role. In fact, a woman with a daughter, sister, or mother with breast cancer incurs approximately two times the danger of getting breast cancer as someone with no immediate family connection. Like tissue density, a family history of breast cancer is an uncontrollable risk factor, but preventive measures can help at-risk women more quickly find and respond to the potential presence of malignant cells.

    Older Age

    Even when a woman does not have dense breast tissue, and she has no close relative with the disease, she may face an increased risk of breast cancer as she gets older. Older age often factors into many types of cancer, including breast cancer, because with time cells have more opportunities to mutate and produce malignant tumors. For this reason, breast care experts advise all women age 40 and older to undergo annual mammogram screenings to help identify and address abnormal growths as soon as possible.

    What are you doing to control your danger of breast cancer? To learn more about our preventive care services for breast health, call Brandon Regional Hospital at (888) 327-2636. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives can explain our healthcare options and even direct you to a breast care expert.

    Joint Replacement Services at Brandon Regional Hospital

    Last updated 3 years ago

    Joint deterioration can be a serious impediment to mobility, independence, and a pain-free life. When joint issues such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are mild, medication, physical therapy, and other conservative measures may be enough to ease discomfort and stiffness. Should joint damage prove too much for these pain-relief strategies, though, joint replacement may be the most promising treatment option.

    Brandon Regional Hospital offers hip, knee, and shoulder replacement services for those in the greater Hillsborough County region. With our skilled surgeons and minimally invasive procedures, we can help our joint replacement patients return to a high quality of life. Our treatment options can stop the deterioration of bone and cartilage, repair areas already lost to injury or disease, and restore function to damaged joints.

    Is joint replacement the right treatment option for you? Call (888) 327-2636 to speak with a Consult-A-Nurse about our joint replacement options. Brandon Regional Hospital in Hillsborough County can see to it that you receive the care that best suits your health needs.


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